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Today's question:

Question: I'm not very clear as to what the HOA fees at Honua Kai include, can you explain?

Answer: It is important to review all pertinent HOA documents as a matter of due diligence during the purchase process to better understand what is (and equally important, what isn't) covered. At Honua Kai, the monthly HOA fee (or 'Strata Fees', to our Canadian friends) is currently $1.66 per square foot of interior living space. This fee covers the costs for water, rubbish removal, sewer, landscaping, basic cable TV service, maintenance and electricity of all common elements, pest control, security, pool, capital reserves, payroll for the management/admin of the association, and insurance for the property (although as an individual

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Just a quick look at the magnificent facilities at Honua Kai on yet another picture-perfect day on Maui. 

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For those interested in learning more about the Honua Kai real estate market, contact us. We are entering what may turn out to be a pivotal time of the Honua Kai micro-market, now that the developer inventory is gone and resales will push values upwards. For more information, contact us. 

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Our team is proud to announce its participation in the sale of Honua Kai Hokulani 240. As one of the premium offerings in the 1 bedroom niche at Honua Kai and a proven successful vacation rental property, Hokulani 240 received a significant amount of interest. The Catch 22, of course, is that as potential buyers are interested in successful rentals, those properties are booked fairly constantly making accessibility difficult. The proud new owners can rest assured in having purchased in one the most active/sought-after micro-markets on Maui with a potential for long-term equity growth and short term cash flow. 

The sale recorded on June 13, 2016 for a sales price of $840K, with no additional concessions by either party. For those interested in

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Today's Question:

* I own a couple of condos at Honua Kai and now may be the time to sell. I was not aware of a transfer fee on all resales, can you explain?

That's a fair question and through conversations with multiple owners, it seems that not all owners are aware of it. Prior to building, the developer entered into a Settlement Agreement with the West Maui Preservation Association (click here to learn more about this non-profit organization), by which the community benefits by imposing a transfer fee of 0.25% of the sales price of any resales unit payable on transfer of title. Up to date (as of June 14, 2016), there have 117 resales at Honua Kai, totaling a sum of $161,483,634 with a very robust and active Honua Kai resales market ahead.

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We are proud to announce our team's participation in the sale of Honua Kai's Hokulani 445. In representing the buyers, our team procured one of the best 2 bedroom units on the market at a fair price to all involved. The 1,100 square foot interior courtyard unit offers commanding ocean views while still enjoying the resort feel. 

hokulani 445

The sale recorded at a sales price of $1.39M and is a good comparable sale reflective of fair market value. Our team continues to be devoted to the Honua Kai micro-market and will be happy to discuss with buyers the current state of the market, available inventory, overall trends, etc. For sellers, we are happy to discuss how our marketing strategy is far above the most comprehensive in reaching affluent prospective buyers

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It had been speculated for some time that the developer of Honua Kai would be adjusting the pricing on remaining inventory and that has been recently announced. The adjustments have been quite significant and will incentivize prospective buyers to act. As we are in the midst of high season, such aggressive price adjustments are likely to generate interest among buyers. Below are units currently offered by the developer:

Hokulani 150 - Arguably THE best value in Honua Kai. Expansive open floor plan, upgraded Viking appliances, a huge lanai and the convenience of being ground level make this a very strong value. The challenge has been the view corridors overlooking the Duke's roofline and having very limited (if any) ocean views, but that is offset by

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Today's question:

Question - I'm interested in 1 bedroom condos at Honua Kai but it's kind of hard to tell where they are within the complex, can you help?

Answer - The bulk of the 1 bedroom units are on the mountain-facing sides of Hokulani and Konea towers, as well as the exterior perimeter facing towards the center, with a few stacks on the south-facing side of Hokulani and the north-facing side of Konea. There is only one stack of 1 bedroom units in the interior courtyard of either tower, that is stack '13' in the Hokulani tower. Below is a color-coded map of Honua Kai breaking it down each size type by color for easier identification. 

For those interested in the Honua Kai micro-market, read our Honua Kai blog and contact us below for

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The 2015 year is going by in a flash and although we do monthly reports of the Honua Kai micro-market, it is important to have a broader overview of the market as it evolves. First, let's examine what happened in the 3rd quarter of 2015. 

New Listings 3Q15

The Honua Kai micro-market introduced 19 new listings during the subject time period. The new inventory is broken down as follows: 1 Studio (sold before listed, for comps purposes only), 4 one bedroom units, 9 two bedroom units, and 5 three bedroom residences.  The influx of over $31M in listings is welcomed as supply has been comparatively low, but the need for more one bedroom units becomes more apparent - particularly well-priced units with ocean view corridors.

Sold Listings 3Q15


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With much fanfare, the re-opening of the infinity-pool was welcomed by guests and residents of Honua Kai. The reopening happened on Sunday, October 4th after over 5 months of being non-functioning.

For the latest news regarding the Honua Kai Real Estate market, contact us. 

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The summer season has come and gone and we can now get a better perspective of the Honua Kai real estate market. Although our 2015 Mid Year Review provides a good bird's eye perspective, with our market being so season-dependent, the end of summer can provide context that other more conventional quarter-based analysis cannot. 


New Listings - With 10 new listings hitting the market, August turned into one of the busiest listing months in recent memory:

Hokulani 316 - Ocean views from this unit, but as it faces the construction (which is said to scheduled for the upcoming 24-36 months) it may take some time for absorption - although it is the only ocean-view 1-bedroom unit in the market today. Priced at $870K. 

Konea 214 -

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